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Investment in real estate

Specializing in solutions for investment in residential, commercial, retail and hotel property, Statfort offers investors a wide choice of services, starting from visa arrangements, to flights, stays and visits, along with legal and financial consultation.

We have developed special programs of short-term, mid-term and long-term investments, and also offer two types of investments:

  • Investments managed by Statfort,
  • Investments managed by the client.

Irrespective of which type of investment relation our clients have with us, the analysts of the company always deliver them complete and actual reports on existing value of real estate along with growth and decline information, recommended reports on potential profits from sale and purchase, suggestions on additional investment opportunities and professional market monitoring system.

At Statfort, main services offered include innovative development, enabling clients to quickly control their investment operations comfortably and safely through personal “investor cabinet” by visiting our corporate web site.

Investments in real estate are one of the most effective ways to save and multiply investor capital, with the assurance of the value never going down to zero (as compared to securities market). In addition to this, we also ensure maximum level of safety in all deals. For this purpose, the real estate is registered in the name of the buyer or his representative. On the other hand, investments are made in developing regions with growing realty market showing high-income potential economic indicators.


Trust investment programs

Statfort believes in building long-term relations with its clients who have trusted them in investments- aiming best returns in the fastest growing real estate market around the globe. With the ability to manage investments, at Statfort, our clients are able to gain income even while operating out side the real estate market and managing their core business.


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Sale and Purchase 

Annual growth of real estate value is on an average 10% – 15%. Annual installment for payment is 50%–60%. Net annual profit for resale amounts to 25%.

Purchase & Lease

Lease rate of real estate in a year is equal to 15%–20% of the value, which ensures return on investments for, atleast, 5-6 years.

Use for Business

Few of our clients use the acquired premises after purchasing real estate, where profit depends mainly on successful business management. At Statfort, we offer our clients a lot of services for organization as well as management of business.