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Trust Investments 
Statfort believes in building long-term relations with its clients who have trusted them in investments- aiming best returns in the fastest growing real estate market around the globe. With the ability to manage investments, at Statfort, our clients are able to gain income even while operating out side the real estate market and managing their core business. Our highest priority is managing our client’s investments. We make deep-laid and fully secure contracts for not only our client’s invested amount but also for full return to investor after a fixed period. All purchase and sale transactions are executed without charging brokerage.
Trust Investments programms
Investment programs:
Low interest rates of banks on deposits, inflation growth, risks in securities market and no guarantee for initial investment are the exact negative factors against which clients of our company are insured.
During the course of this investment program we deliver our clients quarterly and annual reports on existing status and profits for the reported period.                          
Investment program with short-term prospect:
Minimum investment period – 12 months.
Minimum investment amount – 250 000 USD to 1 000 000 USD. Net annual profit – average 15% of the investment amount.
Investment program with mid-term prospect:
Minimum investment period – 24 months.
Minimum investment amount – 1 000 000 USD to 5 000 000 USD.
Investment program with long-term prospect:
Minimum investment period – 48 months.
Minimum investment amount – 5 000 000 USD to 100 000 000 USD.
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